Innovative lateral bone-setting device

DTM Technologies

DTM has been requested by ASI (the Italian Space Agency) to transfer the technological achievements of the company into new research projects, for the benefit of the whole community. For ASI, DTM has developed a surgical device, to improve the rehabilitation of patients suffering for lower and upper limbs fractures, following osteoporosis, or traumatic injuries caused by traffic accidents. This is based on carbon fibre reinforced plastic technology: the main advantages over the conventional products are the mass reduction, the properly tuned rigidity, perfectly tailored over the patient's needs, the X ray transparency (radio-lucent), and also the capability to monitor the stress and strain levels, in real time, thanks to a miniaturised and rugged electronic apparatus, fully embedded into the CFRP structure.

Cad view of DTM External Bone Fixation device
3D CAD view of DTM lateral bone-setting device
DTM External Bone Fixation device
DTM lateral bone-setting device

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