Composite testing

NDI on composites and Material characterization

DTM has a larg know-how in the design, realization and qualifications of composite parts. In particular we are able to perform full characterization of composite materials or sub-systems according to the customer requirements. Characterization can be done with the most diverse testing verifications (tensile, flexural, ILSS, in-plane shear, CTE, CME, DSC, thermal conductivity, fatigue tests and others). As for the other activities DTM is able to provide a fully turn-key project starting from the definition of the tests upto the provision of the test results.

With reference to non-destructive inspection of composite materials DTM developed and qualified an effective and convenient internal NDI process. If necessary we can of course perform many other verifications methods (e.g. ultrasonic inspection) with the support of external laboratories. However all activities, including preparation of test and qualification procedures of the NDI process, are fully performed by DTM.

DTM also developed internal procedures for verification and repair of composite parts like sandiwich structures.

DTM personnel while performing NDI<br>on a composite part
DTM personnel while performing NDI
on a composite part
Sentinel 1 struts have been fully NDI tested<br>and the CFRP material verified by DTM
Sentinel 1 struts have been fully NDI tested
and the CFRP material verified by DTM

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