Test equipments

Vibration tests

DTM is able to manage all the qualification or acceptance process for vibration test of space hardware. This includes the preparation of the test procedures including all the definitions of the test parameters (sine, random, shocks), the execution of the tests, preparation of the test reports and correlation as required.

For this type of activities like for quasi-static tests DTM provides turn-key projects where the inputs are the requirements to be verified and DTM performs all the activities from the design and realization of the testing tool (if required), preparation of test-procedures up-to the delivery of all the test-reports. Depending on the mass and accelerations required the test is performed with DTM shaker or a shaker located at outside laboratory in Italy.

In the frame of the testing activities related to vibration tests we also design and realize containers for vibration test, fixtures and all hardware required for a successful execution of the test meeting all project requirements in terms for instance of dynamic response and maximum accelerations allowed on the hardware.

Tests are performed either with DTM vibration shaker (c/o UniversitÓ di Modena) or external facilities.

DTM shaker c/o Unimore
DTM shaker c/o UniversitÓ
degli Studi di Modena
DTM personnel at P&P managing<br>the vib-test of EML GAS module inside M01 bag
DTM personnel at P&P managing
the vib-test of EML GAS module inside M01 bag

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