Indstruial Research Laboratory
Facilities and tools

All the manufacturing, assembly, testing and integration activities of equipments/subsystems (as well as the production of customised parts) are performed in DTM laboratory (manufacturing through qualified outsourcers when required). It is available both a "gray" testing/integration area as well as an ISO5 clean room certified according to ISO 14644. The workshop is provided by an autoclave, milling machine, a lathe and several refining tools. Here is a list of the most important facilities and tools available at DTM integration plant:

  • Laboratory with clean area (ISO14644 certified, ISO6 level - class 1000 according to FED STD 209E) for integration and test activities
  • Autoclave for composite manufacturing
  • Testing equipments to perform quasi static qualification or acceptance tests on aerospace structures or other high performance components
  • Support equipment to fill and test pressurized components at pressure upto 200 bar with ultra high purity gas (gas purity 6.0 - 99.9999%)
  • Thermal vacuum chamber for testing of components having to be qualified in vacuum conditions (pressure upto 1x10-6 mbar) and at different temperature levels (-80°C/+250°C - cryogenic tests are also possible)
  • Helium leak detector to perform leak tests
  • Instrumentation: data acquisition systems (DAQ National Instruments 16/18 bits), electronic equipments
  • Sensors (position, force, pressure, humidity, strain-gages, accelerometers…)
  • Autocollimator Edmund Optics for precision measurements on mechanical and optical components
  • Particle counter Trotec (5 channel)
  • Lathe, milling-machine and other tools for integration activities
  • Shaker for dynamic vibration tests (c/o Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio)

All the critical apparatus and sensors are periodically maintained and checked by certified companies according to EN 9100 aerospace standard.


Industrial Research Laboratory of Emilia-Romagna
High Technology Network

Below are reported some of the activities performed as Industrial Research Laboratory of Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network:

  • Quasi static test on aerospace and high performance industrial components
  • Leak and proof tests on fluidic sistems at low and high pressure (till 300 bar) e ad altissima purezza (gas di purezza classe 6.0 - 99.9999%)
  • Thermal vacuum tests - pressure <1x10-6 mbar temperature -80°C/+250°C but also cryogenic temperatures are possible
  • Autocollimator tests on mechanical and optical components
  • Particle count tests, molecular (1) and microbiological tests (1) - 1) external laboratory
  • Vibration tests (c/o Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio laboratories)
Organization chart for the Industrial Research Laboratory of Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network can be downloaded here

Laboratory area including autoclave and ISO 5 clean-room Clean room ISO 14644 certified Autoclave for composite manufacturing Integration facilities (milling tool)
Integration areas, ISO 5 clean-room, autoclave, milling tools