The following software is available at DTM:

  • Nastran solver, Femap pre-post processor (Siemens): Finite Element Structural and Thermal Analysis
  • TMG Thermal solver + Advanced thermal module with CFD (Maya-Siemens): Thermal Solver and CFD fluid dynamics analysis
  • Solidedge (Siemens) 3D CAD system for mechanical design
  • Matlab (Mathworks) Data analysis and processing
  • Labview (National Instruments) Development system for data acquisition and equipment control
  • ESACRACK/ESALOAD/NASGRO: ESA fracture control engineering tools
  • Microsoft Office, Project, Visio: Project Management tools

The available range of software allows to face all types of the most challenging engineering tasks: 3D design, structural analysis, dynamic analysis, thermal analysis, testing, equipment control, data acquisition.

FEM post processing on
Unmanned Space Vehicle fin.
FE model of composite wheel developed for
Honda NSR 250 (team Kanemoto - driver Max Biaggi)

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