DTM is a specialised high performance-engineering group. The company offers mechanical design and analysis (structural, thermal, CFD) capabilities as well as testing and integration facilities. This allows DTM to provide our customers with full turn-key project development on-time and meeting all requirements. Coupled with our corporate enthusiasm, we possess the knowledge, the technical and human resources and the commitment required for leading edge product design. To guarantee the highest service level DTM has a quality management systems certified according to ISO 9001 and EN 9100 (aerospace) standard. DTM specialities include:

  • Mechanical and thermal design
  • Advanced technologies (especially focused on composite materials)
  • Stress, thermal and fluid dynamics analysis
  • Experimental and integration activities
  • Testing, qualification and certification

One of the technical areas DTM is currently engaged in, is advanced materials technology. As the customer is always requiring more performance from a technical and economical perspective, new designs utilising new materials technology can offer the opportunity to optimise both components of design and production, while achieving improved product performance and quality.

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