In 1999 Ferrari Space Division (former Ferrari Engineering) started operating as DTM srl, in order to fulfil to a precise company strategy, which strongly relies on outsourcing of highly specialized sectors not directly involved in car manufacturing.

DTM main entrance Main office Meeting room Laboratory area including autoclave and ISO 8 clean-room
DTM new premises: Main entrance, office (design department), meeting room, laboratory

DTM srl is a privately owned company operating in the aerospace and industrial fields like biomedical, automotive and nautical. Since 2006 DTM has implemented ISO 9001 quality management system. Since 2013 DTM has implemented also the aerospace EN 9100 quality management system. The design, manufacturing integration and testing activities are performed in DTM office and laboratory in Modena where many software, manufacturing and testing facilities are available (including autoclave for composite manufacturing).

DTM s.r.l. - Via Tacito 65 - 41100 Modena (MO) - ITALY - Tel +39 059 847337 - Fax +39 059 847338